What are Marigold’s business hours?

8:00am-6:00pm EST Monday through Friday

What should I do if I’m experiencing a crisis after hours?

If you are having a life-threatening emergency, please dial 911.  If you are having a mental health or substance abuse crisis and want to talk with someone, call a line below.

If you live in Delaware, call the Northern Delaware Hotline at 1-800-652-2929 or the Southern Delaware Hotline at 1-800-345-6785.  

If you live in Massachusetts, call the Samaritans Statewide Helpline at 1-877-870-4673.

What services does Marigold provide?

Marigold helps people with substance use or mental health challenges build their recovery networks. We offer peer support, anonymous text-based groups, and more.  You will have 1-1 access to your own peer specialist via phone, text, or video.  Together you and your peer specialist will collaborate to figure out what you need, what works best for you, and the best next steps. You set the agenda and the pace.

What is a Peer Support Specialist?

A Peer Specialist is a person with "lived experience" who has been trained to support others facing mental health or substance use challenges.  Peer specialists use their personal experiences and training to help and encourage people on their journeys to improved health and recovery.

How much does Marigold cost?

Marigold is free for those who qualify.  
Currently Marigold is available in Delaware and Massachusetts.   

Who qualifies to receive Marigold’s Recovery Services?

AmeriHealth members, who live in Delaware and have received services for substance use, are eligible. Patients of High Point Treatment Center in Massachusetts, who have received services for substance use, are eligible.  

To learn whether you may qualify, call or text us at 1(617) 702-3789.

Why did I receive a text message from Marigold?

Marigold partners with insurance plans and providers to offer their members and patients additional recovery support.  Participation is completely voluntary - you may choose to participate or stop at any time.  Declining or stopping does not affect your health coverage in any way.

If I qualify, how do I get started with Marigold? 

First, Marigold will send you a welcome message via text, followed by another text message asking you to sign a Consent Agreement. As soon as you sign the Consent, you can schedule the first meeting with your peer specialist.  Once you finish a Brief Intake over the phone, you’ll be given access to your peer specialist’s schedule, so you contact them and schedule meetings at your convenience.

If you have any questions, call or text Marigold at 1(617) 702-3789.

What referrals can you provide me? 

Peer specialists at Marigold understand that many needs may arise during one’s recovery journey. Our peer specialists pride themselves on staying current with resources in your area to best support you.  We help coordinate access to food, shelters, transitional housing, clothing banks, health care, employment, and more.

Do you need help with housing?

Our peer specialists do not directly provide housing or have any involvement in housing placements.  As above, Marigold peer specialists do have contacts and lists of resources to help you get on track to find housing.

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