Give every person with a mental health or substance use condition a place to feel heard.

Our Values

Two hands hold together


Everyone’s experiences are valuable - we want you to speak from the heart. Without diversity in our backgrounds and thoughts, we will fail.

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We work on an entrenched, complicated problem. Egos are checked at the door - we optimize for learning. The best ideas come through iteration and debate, and the highest performing teams have a persistent commitment to transparency.

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Mental illness touches the life of every single person reading this message - our goal is to affect change at scale. We respect and look for vision, but paired with it, the grit to follow-through.


Shrenik Jain's headshot
Shrenik Jain
Founder & CEO
Ravi Shah's headshot
Ravi Shah MS
Founder & Chief Product Officer
Tracey Cohen's headshot
Tracey Cohen MD
Chief Medical Officer
Satya Bommaraju's headshot
Satya P. Bommaraju MS
Chief Data Scientist
Holly Dixon NCPS, LCSW
Clinical Director
Matt Walsh
Manager, Corporate Operations
Courtney DeWolfe MPH
Principal Advisor, Policy & Partnerships
Jessica Canderan
Director of People Operations

Our Team

Manager of Peer Services
Chris Knapp
Partnerships Manager
Matt Baran
IT Engineer
Tracy Bowman
Customer Success Lead
Stephanie Psilopulos CPRS
Peer Supervisor
Aimee Haupt CPRS
Peer Supervisor
Régine Lafond
Operations Associate
Rina Randrianarivony MA
Clinical Research Manager
Becky Shuhart CMA, CPRS
Peer Supervisor
Jasmine Landry BPS, CRSS
Peer Supervisor
Lisa Evans-Graham
Executive Assistant, Clinical Operations
Valerie Schilling
Accounting Manager
Victoria Madrid CPRS, CCHW
Certified Peer Specialist
Savannah Brown
Certified Peer Specialist
Ara Nardin CPRS
Certified Peer Specialist
Patrick Woods
Certified Recovery Coach
Megan Perry
Certified Peer Specialist, RI
Rosario Toral
Certified Peer Specialist, FL
Damica Isler CPRS
Certified Peer Specialist
Felicia Glover
Certified Peer Specialist
Nicole Hunter CARC
Certified Recovery Coach, MA
Kwajhan Goldsborough
Outreach Peer
Steve Ramsland's headshot
Steve Ramsland EdD
Geetha Jayaram's headshot
Geetha Jayaram MD
Psychiatry Advisor
Zeryn  Sarpangal
Stephanie Brown's headshot
Stephanie Brown MA

Our Service Delivery Principles

A person is helping another person climb

Our services are led by our members, those who choose to participate in our program(s).

A person is in the center and surrounded by multiple circles

Each member has their own story, cultural identity, & unique needs. We support our members’ journey to a life that is personally purposeful and meaningful.

A person with a heart in the center

Lived experiences impact us all. Through member guidance, we work to make our collaborations safe(r). 

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Mutual Aid

We connect Members with each other to share experiences, resources, and solutions for the benefit of the community as a whole.

A person is surrounded with multiple icons, which includes grocery, groups, educations, church, and hospital
Collaboration & Coordination

We engage other providers and agencies, as well as the family & friends of our members, so members can access all they need to be well.

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Peer support is a rapidly growing field that we aspire to advance through new best practices & person-centered technology. 

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Marigold Health

Marigold is virtual treatment program where people with mental health & substance use conditions support each other.

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